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How Bubble Pops Helps

Bubble Pops™ is like a never-ending bubble wrap. With a satisfying sound and tactile feel with every pop, it's an easy way to stimulate your child's senses and calm their minds.

There's no wonder why it's the #1 selling fidget toy in the US in 2021.

Benefits Of Bubble Pops

Increase Their Ability To Learn & Study

When children can direct their physical energy, their mental focus and productivity is enhanced.

A recent study showed that fidget toys causes a 10% increase in academic scores among kids. Even more impressive was that kids diagnosed with ADHD saw a 27% increase in the academic scores.


Calm Their Anxiety & Stress

While anxiety and stress affect the entire body, Bubble Pops™ can be used to calm your child, as fidgeting itself is a calming mechanism. 

A common question from parents and teachers is whether it can be a distraction to kids. It is important to note that symptoms of anxiety, stress or disorders such as ADHD will cause greater disruptions and harm for the child. 

Too quickly parents will turn to psychiatric treatments and unnatural means for healthy children. Bubble Pops™ is be an affordable minor distraction from which children can draw major benefits and learn to regulate themselves.


Suitable For All Ages

Bubble Pops™ are appropriate for all ages and genders, even adults!

It's also used by adults around the world to combat the symptoms of anxiety, stress and other mental health disorders. 

The repetitive motion of spinning, clicking or rolling fidget toys has been shown to boost concentration and productivity in adults too.

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