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Pipeline blockage remover

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How to Use:

Step 1: Fill Water Chamber

Before you use your Clog Cannon, you'll need to fill up its water chamber. To do so, turn the device so that the wider end is facing upward and fill it to the top without overflowing it.

Step 2: Flip DeviceAfter your device's water chamber is full, quickly flip the tool and place it directly over your clogged drain.

Step 3: Push Black Surface
Once you've flipped your device over on top of a sink, shower or bathtub drain, push down on the round black surface that you'll see on the top of the device. If you push down hard enough, this will send water into the clogged drain and clean out the clog. However, if you push on it too lightly, you may need to push it again with more force to clean out the drain.

Step 4: Remove Device and Test
Finally, after you've completed the pushing step, remove your device from the sink and test out the drain to make sure it's clear. If it's not, repeat the pushing step once more


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